*Learning at Work Week Special*
Mental Wellbeing Training Taster
Managing social anxieties of returning to the office

Tuesday 18th May, 2.00pm

As lockdown begins to ease and we plan our return back to the office, we may notice reluctance or anxiety surrounding coming back. We assess what we can do as people leaders to ease these worries, and what tools and techniques we can use to reassure our people to get them back to work, and ultimately get your organisation back to thriving. Jo Ellen, founder of Impact Factory (and a trained psychologist) joins us as we discuss:

We will be covering ...

  • How to overcome the awkwardness of returning and manage feelings of re-entry

  • Coping with the new ‘firsts’​​​​​​​


  • Tools and Techniques to help ease anxious feelings in the workplace


  • Meeta Sahni

    CEO - The Maine Group

  • Jo-Ellen Grzyb

    Impact Factory

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