Protecting the Hemp Industry's Future

The 2020 legislative session is critically important to the hemp industry. The full implementation of the USDA Interim Final Rules (IFR) and end of 2014 Farm Bill programs are imminent, and if the IFR is implemented without amending problematic provisions, the hemp industry and its farmers risk losing many of the protections achieved over the past five years. As this window of opportunity for reform closes, time is running out for the hemp industry to demand reasonable regulation that ensures its success.

Join us on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 2:30 p.m. MT for a live discussion about efforts being made to align federal legislation and USDA rulemaking with the domestic hemp industry, and to learn more about:

The biggest threats to the hemp industry in the USDA's IFR

Strategies to amend the IFR and reform USDA final rulemaking to align USDA regulation with the intent of the Farm Bill

Projected timelines for publication of the Final Rules

Increasing the US legal standard for hemp to 1% THC and Vote Hemp's call-to-action for the hemp community

Agricultural Hemp Solutions (AgHS) Campaign to Align Federal Legislation and USDA Rulemaking with the Domestic Hemp Industry

How the AgHS lobbying initiative aims to bring the national industry together to ensure the Final Rules and future federal legislation set the hemp industry on a solid and science-based regulatory path forward

Important opportunities for you to engage in reform

  • Shawn Hauser

    Partner, Vicente Sederberg LLP

  • Courtney N. Moran, LL.M.

    Founding Principal, EARTH Law LLC; Chief Legislative Strategist, Agricultural Hemp Solutions, LLC

  • Eric Steenstra

    President, Vote Hemp

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