LPG Forward: The Customer's Perspective

Welcome to the second session of the LPG Forward webinar series!

Customers’ habits are changing, and it is increasingly important for the LPG industry to adapt business models so that they take the consumer into account.

Cost, convenience and reliability are the keywords for customers.

Using digital technologies to make life easier can be a great way to keep clients happy and to broaden your reach. This session will explore how the LPG industry can adopt new technologies to become user-friendly and more attractive.

Stay tuned for the third and final session: LPG Applications of Today and Tomorrow, coming up on July 7th!
  • Malgosia Rybak

    Energy and Environment Policy Manager, Liquid Gas Europe

  • Ricardo Colpo

    Diretor de novos negócios, Ultragaz

  • Amanda Murray

    Corporate Affairs & Innovation Marketing Manager, Flogas Britain

  • Cédric Morel

    Managing Director, Sensile Technologies

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