How Zeek and Suricata work together: Complementary not Competitive!

On the Zeek Slack workspace and other areas in the Zeek Community, we are often asked, "Should I use Zeek or Suricata to monitor my network?" 

In this webinar, Alex Kirk discusses how Zeek and Suricata can be used together and how they are complementary not competitive tools. 


  • Amber Graner

    Webinar Host and Director of Community at Corelight Inc and a member of the Zeek Project's Leadership Team.

  • Alex Kirk

    Alex is a veteran open source security evangelist with a deep engineering background. In 10 years with Sourcefire Research (VRT), he wrote the team’s first malware sandbox and established its global customer outreach and intelligence sharing program. He has spoken at conferences across the globe on topics from “Malware Mythbusting” to “Using Bro/Zeek Data for IR and Threat Hunting”, and was a contributing author for “Practical Intrusion Analysis”, and oft-used textbook for university courses on IDS. His security engineering background also includes time at Cisco and Tenable

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