Learn The “Top 3 Things To Know - To Find Your Spiritual House And Enjoy Your Spiritual Journey Plus Mistakes Every New Person To The Orisha Traditions Must Avoid”

Live Webinars!  Learn with YOUR Community!

Are you searching and READY to connect with the Orisha Traditions and your Ancestral Divine Right?

​​​​​​​In this 1 hour class you will learn... ​​​​​​​

  • The 3 Secrets to navigate in the Orisa Traditions.  (I cover... what I wish I would have known before I initiated).  

  • Challenges when coming from another spiritual path... Difficult - YES... but DOABLE. 

  • Truth bombs and Reality Checks on what to expect in our traditions especially when it comes to a very hot topic in the traditions.

  • Iya Omileti

    Webinar Host -- In the Orisa Traditions for over 25 years. She knows what a newbie goes through trying to make sense of these traditions - especially coming in from a different religious faith. It took her many years to finally be in a place of confidence in her spiritual path, but it didn't come without any hiccups along the way. It is her passion to help other newbies avoid the roadblocks that she experienced and fast track this process for many.

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