Protect Yourself From the Coming Tax Storm

Learn how to plan a retirement that benefits YOU - Not the IRS

This webinar busts common myths about taxes in retirement and helps you understand why NOW is the time to take action for a more confident retirement future.

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​​​​​​​We will share why your taxes could possibly be HIGHER in retirement than they are now.

In about 30 minutes, we’ll share information to help you understand our nation’s tax outlook and cover the steps you should be considering right now.

​​​​​​​Webinar Topic Highlights

  • Why taxes may be the BIGGEST retirement risk you haven't planned for

  • How to identify (and eliminate) 3 conflicts in your IRA or 401(k)

  • Why today's market requires Specialized planning to meet your retirement goals

  • Whether creating Tax-Free Income from your current qualified account makes sense for you

  • Michael Snowhite

    Webinar Host

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    Webinar Host

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