Why I Write
A statement for getting to the CORE of your CRAFT

Move from insecurity to confidence by thinking about, understanding and asserting why you write and what makes you a writer. Get ready to fearlessly pursue new creative work!

About The Webinar

You are a writer. But why? Why do you write? It seems like such a simple question, but as you begin to answer it, you realize how much there is to untangle and just how complicated the question really is. Join us on a journey of chiseling out why you write and why being able to confidently call yourself a writer is so valuable.

  • Read well-known writers' own "Why I Write" statements

    Writers such as Terry Tempest Williams, George Orwell and the late Joan Didion published their own "Why I Write" essays. What can you glean from them?

  • Create your own "Why I Write" statement

    Using famous examples as your guide, create your own "Why I Write" statement or essay, using the tools and questions provided in the workshop

  • Refine your "Why I Write" statement via peer critique

    At the end of the course, you will have an opportunity to receive feedback on your statement and collaborate with other writers who have grappled with the "Why I Write" question

  • Kate Meadows

    Webinar Host

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