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H2 Economy: Recycling Solutions for the Future

Similarly to automotive and industrial catalysts, PEMs from FCH contain critical raw materials such as PGM and sometimes gold. These elements are not only scarce, but their extraction contributes to a negative CO2 balance and therefore must be recycled to be reused in the industry. Thanks to their yearly experience and the participation in the BEST4Hy project, Hensel Recycling is getting ready to pioneer PGM recovery in EoL stacks and PEMs, thinking ahead and contributing to circular economy.


Orhun Dedeci, project manager at IDO-Lab GmbH, is an experienced chemist and holds a Bachelor of Science from the Technical School of Frankfurt am Main. Orhun boasts a high experience in the determination of precious metals in catalysts, oxygen sensors and e-scrap with different methods in wet-chemistry or fire assay. Since 2021 he has developed the laboratory aspects of the BEST4Hy project. He is member of GDMB (Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute / Society of Metallurgists and Miners). Orhun speaks German and Turkish as native speaker and is fluent in English.

Anna Marchisio, Business Development Manager, is project coordinator of the BEST4Hy EU funded project at Hensel Recycling. Anna holds a degree in humanities and German Studies which unexpectedly led her to the PGM sector, after many years in the automotive satellite car and OEM industries taking care of Institutional Relations. In 2014 she moved from Italy to Germany to join Hensel Recycling. Anna is fluent in English, German, French and Spanish, besides being an Italian native speaker.

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  • Orhun Dedeci

    IDO-Lab GmbH | Project Manager

  • Anna Marchisio

    Hensel Recycling | Business Development Manager

  • Silke Frank

    Hydrogen Moves GmbH | Owner and Managing Director

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