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Write-Off In Reverse with Francesca Steele

About the Webinar

We all experience rejection…

…and we can all learn to get past it – and even learn to use writing rejection to our advantage.

Francesca Steele’s fantastic Write-Off Podcast – about writing rejection in all its forms – gives a wonderful, honest insight into the terribly strange world of being a writer.

For one night only, we’re turning the tables and putting Francesca under the spotlight. As the proud sponsor of the Write-Off podcast, Jericho Writers are sending their Head of Events in to quiz Francesca about her writing journey – from failing to sell her first book to signing with an agent and getting a publishing contract.

Francesca will offer her best tips on how to deal with rejection and bounce back even stronger.

​​​​​​​This event is free and open to all and will also include a very special discount code for Jericho Writers membership.

  • Anna Burtt

    Webinar Host

  • Francesca Steele

    Webinar Host

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