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Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be You: The Power of Connection with Stef Allegrini & Sheela Hagan

About The Webinar

The time to step up as Lightworkers is now. We have seen so much
suffering, hardship and disconnection especially in the past few years.
We believe it is time to come together as women to support each other
and to help bring more balance, love and connection to this world.
We are on a mission to make this a reality, and we are excited to share
our thoughts on the importance of connection and the ways we can
enrich our lives and empower ourselves by finding our tribe.
The Wisdom of Connection beckons us from deep within, echoing from our souls and genetic makeup. “Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be You” is about going back to ‘basics’, to the ancient wisdom that may have been
forgotten but is readily available within each of us.
Join us to tap into your inner wisdom and to connect!

  • Sara Jane

    Webinar Host

  • Sheela Hagan

    Webinar Host

  • Stef Allegrini

    Webinar Host

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