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About The Webinar

In this webinar, we’ll tackle a topic that’s been getting a lot of press as of late: Seed Regulatory Modernization. As part of this much-publicized process, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is looking to update the Seeds Regulations to:

- Improve responsiveness and consistency
- Reduce complexity
- Become adaptable and flexible to function in the modern, fast-changing world
- Protect producers and consumers by strengthening existing requirements

But how can we accomplish these things by updating the regulations? How can regulatory change lead to these outcomes, and how is seed quality impacted?

In this webinar we’ll explore:
- What the Seeds Regulations are, a brief history of them and what’s in them
- How the regulations impact seed quality
- Areas for potential change

You’ll hear from Wendy Jahn at the CFIA who will walk us through exactly what the Seeds Regulations are. Sarah Foster, president of 20/20 Seed Labs, will discuss the Grade Tables, which make up a large part of the regulations, and her thoughts on potential areas for change. 

Dave Harwood, technical services manager for Corteva Agriscience, will talk about the importance of internal systems for quality assurance. 

Finally, Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) Executive Director Doug Miller and Seeds Canada Executive Director Barry Senft will sit down for a talk on how Canada’s two seed industry associations are working to create an effective regulatory system for the country.

  • Wendy Jahn


  • Sarah Foster

    President, 20/20 Seed Labs

  • Dave Harwood

    Technical services manager, Corteva Agriscience

  • Doug Miller

    Executive Director, CSGA

  • Barry Senft

    Executive Director, Seeds Canada

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