Rapidly Managing Digital Interactions During and After Lockdown

About The Webinar

People expect to be able to communicate with your business at ease across various digital channels. Now more than ever, businesses are being inundated with interactions over email, chat, social media and WhatsApp. So how do you keep up with this huge spike in communications and the second spike that is yet to come when we return to normality? 
INBOX is Britannic Technologies solution for triaging and processing digital interactions effectively and rapidly. It automatically reads (content, context and sentiment), responds or routes all interactions. INBOX can prioritise, categorise and create queues and tickets for fulfilment. Meaning that organising the contact centre workload is automated and your human resource is only utilised when really needed. 
The webinar will cover:
What INBOX is and why it is crucial for your contact centre.

Case Study: how Mercury Holidays are currently using INBOX to increase business efficiencies, both in lockdown and for the future.

Key capabilities of INBOX.

The ways INBOX will help support your hard-pressed, depleted, distributed workforce.
Automation and routing enquiries to the right people 

  • Chantelle Newton


  • Jonathan Sharp

    Britannic Technologies

  • Neil Whitaker

    Mercury Holidays

  • Gillan Ide

    Britannic Technologies

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