Estate Planning Seminar

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Without a proper estate plan, the average homeowner in Southern California will spend approximately $28,000 to leave their home to their loved ones when they die. Often this means that families are forced to sell the family home in order to claim their inheritance. 

Worse, there is currently $9 Billion of "unclaimed" property held by the State of California. If you fail to properly plan for what will happen to your estate after you die, your property could end up in the custody and possession of the State.

Don't let the State take your property, and don't force your family to sell your possessions just to pay mandatory court fees and costs. There is a better way

  • Living Trusts - Learn why a living trust  is the cheapest and most effective way to dispose of your property after you die, and why it is also important just in case you become incapacitated or develop dementia. 

  • Most estate plans fail - Learn why most estate plans fail, and the lessons James learned as a litigator in the probate courts for over 5-years.  

  • Court battles and probate - Learn how an effective estate plan can keep your family out of court and out of conflict. Also learn what probate is, and why you never want to put your family through it. 

  • Your Legacy -  Everyone has a legacy! Learn how to pass your beliefs, values, and cherished family memories to the next generations as part of a comprehensive estate plan. 

  • James Long

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