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Using search data to support talent selection

About the Webinar

Identifying talent which is best fit for a project can be a minefield. Not only are there an unlimited number of celebrities in the world, there are now gamers, bloggers and vloggers, Instagram and TikTok influencers...and that’s just the start.

There are plenty of metrics you can look at to help you determine which talent is right for your project, from followers count to engagement and more, but search data is an input that’s often missed from the influencer selection process. And yet it can truly add a fresh view of talent and is particularly enlightening when your target audience isn’t active on networks like TikTok and Instagram. Because they’ll still be being influenced - and they’ll still be online!  

Beyond helping you to select the right talent, search is one of the key places that you can turn to to prove the value of influencer partnerships; because if the partnership has really worked to the extent that consumers associate your brand with the talent, they’ll be searching for the two of you together. 

 In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The surprising insights search data can reveal around influence and influencers

  • How to use search data to help prioritise the talent that best fits a project

  • Combining search data with other data sources

  • How to build search into your measurement framework when working with influencers

  • Practical search listening skills that you can use straight away using tools like AnswerThePublic

  • Hannah Harris

    Webinar Host

  • Sophie Coley

    Webinar Host

  • David Boyle

    Webinar Host

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