Expanding Your Practice with PDO Threads – Economics and Legalities

An introduction to the business of PDO threads and lessons to safely and profitably add them to your aesthetic medical practice

About The Presentation

Join our three industry experts for an in-depth discussion about the business of threading! In our 45-minute presentation, you'll hear from Dr. Donald Balder, MD FACS, Bariatric Surgeon and Founder of the Mississippi Institute of Weight Loss Surgery, Paddy Deighan, MBA, JD, PhD, a legal expert in aesthetic medicine, and Tina Vandalia, a MedSpa Insurance Specialist with Probity Commercial Insurance Services.

Our three speakers will not only go over the business of threading (including how to select threads, training, and the economics), they'll also discuss the medical malpractice implications of adding threads, and how to remain compliant with your state-specific regulations.

  • Understand the economics of threads and how they can be one of the most profitable procedures in your practice.

  • Learn which procedures are in demand and the different areas that can be treated with threading.

  • Discover the Med Mal implications of adding PDO threads to the practice including the perceived and real risks of threads

  • Review the legalities of threading including who can and should perform PDO procedures and where to check by state for regulations.

  • Jamie Adkins

    Webinar Host | VP & COO of MedResults Network

  • Donald Balder, MD, FACS

    Presenter | Bariatric Surgeon and Founder, Mississippi Institute of Weight Loss Surgery

  • Paddy Deighan, MBA, JD, PHD

    Presenter | Health Care Attorney

  • Tina Vandalia

    Presenter | MedSpa Insurance Specialist, Probity Commercial Insurance Services, Inc.

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