Logipix Border Surveillance Solution

  • Complete solution

    Logipix provides the most effective visible-light surveillance with high-end Panorama Cameras, Outdoor Network Video Recorders, and specially developed Command and Control Software (VMS). To see beyond visible light, optionally third-party components can be integrated.

  • Panoramic view

    200-960 MP panoramic images ensure better spatial awareness for operators, as large areas are displayed simultaneously and the relative positions of landscape formations help visual orientation.

  • Adaptable system structure

    Logipix always consider the specific purpose of monitoring and also the characteristics of the border area in order to choose the most appropriate technologies and coverage structure on the field.

  • Computer vision technologies

    Logipix ensures automatic object detection, object classification, false alarm reduction and automatic target tracking and target localization functions.

  • Logipix Ltd

    Webinar Host

  • Peter Besenyei


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