FREE WEBINAR (English) - February 7, 2023, 16:00 CET

For some, renewable hydrogen is the future. For Lhyfe, it is now.

For Lhyfe, the future of hydrogen is green. Why that is and how it can be implemented will be discussed by Luc Graré from Lhyfe, a producer of green hydrogen. Luc Graré will address the current status of the usage of green hydrogen in industries and give an outlook on the future possibilities to handle its rising demand, including a discussion about the usage of gas infrastructure for green hydrogen, the development of costs of green and grey hydrogen and the capacity of European production plants to handle this demand.


Luc Graré has gained over ten years of experience in working with renewable energy. Before managing the international business at Lhyfe, he served as global Vice President of Sales & Marketing at NEL. Luc Graré is an active member in the Impact Hub of the Renewable Hydrogen coalition and at the Hydrogen Production roundtable of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance. Through the industry associations SolarPower Europe, IRENA and Hydrogen Europe, he is strongly involved in regulatory issues regarding the decarbonization in Europe.

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  • You will receive insights on the development of green hydrogen.
  • You will receive an overview on the current situation of usage of green hydrogen in industries.
  • You will receive a view from an expert who has gained over 10 years of experience working with renewable energy.
  • Luc Graré

    Lhyfe | Head of Central & Eastern Europe Business

  • Silke Frank

    Hydrogen Moves GmbH | Owner and Managing Director

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