LIVE Webinar with Dr. Sarah Olivo and the A.S.K. Youth Leadership Council - May 21st 6PM EST, 3PM PST

Supporting a Friend with Anxiety While Keeping Your Boundaries​​​​​​​

Being a good friend is complicated. If a stressed-out friend comes to you for help, how do you:  

- figure out what will be helpful to them? 

- balance that with managing your own stress and anxiety? 

- know if you have the right skills to fit their needs? 

And hey, what if you need a little support, too?  

Like we said, it’s complicated! But it doesn’t have to be.  

For this live webinar, we went straight to the experts. We’ve invited a member of the Youth Leadership Council for Active Minds and MTVs “A.S.K.” initiative to share the three simple steps you can take to give your friend a safe space when needed. And Lumate experts will be on hand to walk you through what to do if helping your friend with anxiety is starting to make *you* more anxious than ever.  

By the end of this webinar, you’ll know: 

1). Simple ways to begin the A.S.K. steps (Ask, Support, & Keep in Touch)  

2). How to make these steps feel authentic to you

3). What to do when your friend needs more support than you can give

The A.S.K. Initiative is a partnership between Active Minds, Inc., MTV and Mental Health is Health. For more information about the program, visit 

Anushka Gupta - Anushka is a junior at NYU, where she recently received the Presidential Scholar Award Anushka is already a leader in student mental health advocacy, having served as the President of the Student Advisory Committee for Active Minds, Inc., a research assistant at the esteemed SCAN Lab at NYU Langone Medical Center, and event chairperson for NYU’s Active Minds and DEM Alpha Tau chapters. Anushka was hand-tapped by Active Minds to join the A.S.K. Youth Leadership Council, and we’re so lucky to have her share first-hand knowledge of this peer-to-peer support program. 

Sarah Olivo, PhD - Sarah Olivo, Ph.D., is Head of Lumate Academy, the training and public education arm of Lumate Health. She is also the co-host of the “College is Fine, Everything’s Fine” podcast, which highlights skills-based therapy strategies for college students to manage typical college pressures. Before joining Lumate, Sarah served on the faculty of NYU Child Study Center and Weill Cornell Medical Center. She eventually left academia and co-founded City and Country CBT, a boutique private practice in New York. Sarah is a staunch believer in evidence-based psychology and believes everyone should have access to effective mental health care. Her mission at Lumate is to help spread CBT in innovative ways so that more children, teens and young adults can benefit from skills-based therapy. 

  • Simple ways to begin the A.S.K. steps (Ask, Support, & Keep in Touch) ​​​​​​​

  • How to make these steps feel authentic to you​​​​​​​

  • What to do when your friend needs more support than you can give

  • Sarah Olivo

    Head of Lumate Academy, Clinical Psychologist and Co-host of the “College is Fine, Everything’s Fine” Podcast

  • Anushka Gupta

    NYU Student. Mental Health Advocate. President of the A.S.K. Youth Leadership Council.

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