Learn about Canada's Mainstream Immigration Programs for FREE

  • Immigration Myths & Fallacies

    Working with the correct knowledge is vital to ensuring applications are submitted correctly and on time. Learn more about the myths surrounding immigration and the first steps you need take.

  • Immigration Consultants & ICCRC

    Immigration is a regulated industry, and regardless of where your agent or consultant is based in the world, they are regulated and bound by rules and codes of ethics.  Learn all about how to find an consultant, and futhermore to find out if they are legitimate

  • Permanent & Temporary Resident Streams

    There are many, many ways in which to immigrate to Canada.  Some are fast, some are not.  Some require extra attention, and some require a committed plan.  Learn all about the mainstream options during this webinar that could all result in Permanent Residence.

  • Working & Living in Canada

    Probably the hardest choice of all of them is deciding where you will live or work in Canada.  With such a large and diverse geography, Canada has choices.  Learn how best to choose.

  • ICL Immigration Inc

    Webinar Host

  • Clinton Emslie


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