Learn How to Create a 10 Year Waiting List for Your Kittens and NEVER worry about selling a Kitten Again

Cattery Marketing Masterclass

Join Us on June 22, 2023 [12:00 pm EST]

Do you struggle with selling kittens or worry about not being able to sell them? Does the idea of marketing your cattery make your brain hurt because you don't know where to start?   Do you feel that you're a great breeder but could use some help with marketing?

This LIVE online training event is for you!

Join Tracy from Cat Breeder Sensei and learn a full-circle process of marketing your cattery.  Discover the mindset of every kitten buyer in today's market and learn how to tap into their feels so that YOU are the only cattery they want to buy a kitten from. 

What You Will Learn During This Special Training Event

  • The Kitten Sales Funnel Explained

    The importance of effective and consistent marketing for breeders
    Why a sales funnel is relevant to catteries (and every business in existence)

  • TOFU: Attracting Leads

    Top of the funnel: the purpose of TOFU marketing. 
    ​​​​​​​Strategies to generate awareness and attract highly targeted kitten buyer leads.
    Content Marketing: How to create valuable blog posts, articles and videos and where to get the topic ideas from.

    ​​​​​​​SEO: The Basics of Search Engine Optimization and how to get your website to show up in Google's Search Results (HINT: NOT with not a Business Listing)
    Leveraging Social Media Platforms to engage with lovers of your breed.
    Facbook Pages: How to get hundreds of highly targeted followers to your page in just one week. 
    High Quality Imgages: Where to create images for your marketing that are easy as pie and look like you paid hundreds of dollars to make.
    ​​​​​​​Some Valuable resources you can offer your leads in exchange for buyer's contact information.
    Praactical tips you can implement into your cattery marketing efforts.

  • MOFU: Nurturing and Engaging Leads

    Middle of the funnel: guiding your buyer leads toward a kitten purchase decision.
    Effective tactics for nurturing MOFU leads: What you should be talking to them about and showing them.
    Crafting engaging and personalized email campaigns.
    Offering additional products to move your leads further down the funnel. 
    Using Chatbots and direct communication to address individual needs.
    Real Life case studies of effectively nurturing leads.

  • BOFU: Converting Applications into Kitten Buyers

    The bottom of the funnel and it's purpose.
    Highly Effective Strategies for converting leads into buyers. 
    Creating compelling limited time promotions and exclusive packages. 
    Designing landing pages that highlight the unique value of your cattery.
    Implementing automated follow-up sequences. 
    Tips and techniques to optimize the BOFU to maximum loyalty.

  • Action Plan

    Immediate action plan to implement the strategies you learn during the event. 

Webinar Hosts

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