Discover AqualisBraemar LOC Salvage | June 2021
​​​​​​​Container Ship Casualty Management Today​​

About The Webinar

​​​​​​​Container ships have grown in size and scale to some 24,000 TEUs and will possibly grow further to some 30,000 units in the near future. What does this mean for the risk involved in container ship operations? 

Presented by some of AqualisBraemar LOC's Special Casualty Representatives ('SCRs') approved by the Lloyd's of London SCR panel, this webinar will discuss the following: 
  • Technical, environmental and political challenges in container casualty operations 

  • Sizes and scale explained

  • Risk mitigation proposals

  • What does the future look like for the mega vessels and new risks to be aware of

  • Dirk Jan Osinga

    Introduction & Chair

  • Jason Bennett


  • Vaughan Williams


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