The Eden Conspiracy
​​​​​​​Toward Accomplishment-Based Education

What if education were accomplishment-based, focused on enabling students to produce things of value, such as essays, financial reports, construction plans, relationships, or environmentally safe homes? What if education truly prepared students to be accomplished citizens?  This session reviews Dr. Joe Harless's groundbreaking book, and what has happened in the decades since its first edition.

Wednesday, September 27 – 12:00 PM Pacific Time

Webinar Presenter

  • Dr. Carl Binder, CEO

    The Performance Thinking Network

In This Webinar You Will Learn about:

  • Origins of The Eden Conspiracy in Human Performance Technology

    Joe  Harless, and his Mentor, Tom Gilbert, hoped to apply what they had learned in organizational performance improvement to ignite an Educational Revolution.

  • Events in Coweta County, Georgia that provided an ongoing R & D Lab

    When Harless was writing the book, the School System and local business people sought him out to help them  better prepare students for productive life and work.

  • The Central Educational Center: A Revolutionary Model for Education

    For over 2 decades, the joint venture among the school system, local businesses, and a local technical college have enabled highschool students to graduate with Associate degrees, in addition to highschool diplomas, and well-paying jobs.

  • What Carl saw visiting the C.E.C. to prepare for the Second Edition

    Meeting the students was an eye-opener. What continues to happen with them, and with the  global reach of this educational mode,l creates a vision for an innovative and dramatic improvement in the products of the American educational system.

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