Realise the Power of your Inspection Data with AXIS

​​​​​​​​​​Optimize and digitize your inspections, conduct your assessments, and fully understand your facility with one database

About The Webinar

Do you often deal with Asset Integrity and struggle with complicated and data-hungry softwares? Say no more and keep reading to find a peace of mind!

In this 30 minutes FREE webinar with Michael Boland from Cygnus we’ll discuss how to manage data collection, understand specific conditions and minimize the risk to critical assets.
In the asset integrity space, there are inspection software that only captures the inspection process executed within your facility. On the other end of the spectrum, intelligent asset integrity management software is abundant; however, it is highly complicated and data-hungry. Cygnus recognized this gap in the market for a user-friendly, practical, and intelligent approach to asset integrity management- thus, AXIS is born.

AXIS is a singular software solution that can help you manage and optimize your inspection process, carry out critical assessments, and regulate your anomalies.
With AXIS, you can be assured that your critical assets are safe to operate – providing you a peace of mind and confidence within your daily operations.

​​​​​​​Better yet, our intuitive software digitizes and automates your processes, which leads to considerable cost savings. ​​​​​

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​​​​​​​What You'll Learn:

  • Digitize and optimize your inspection process from producing customized work packs to viewing generated digital inspection reports
  • Execute critical assessments such as Risk-Based Inspection for your critical assets within the software
  • Understand, mitigate, and visualize your facilities’ current risk and conditions through our software’s intuitive features
  • Find out how AXIS is the right asset integrity management platform for you
  • Michael Boland

    Michael is CEO and Principal Engineer at Cygnus Asset Solutions. Michael has over 30 years’ experience in the onshore and offshore oil and gas industries covering design, construction, installation, and operation. Prior to his Cygnus experience. Michael held senior operations and asset management positions at the Wood Group and DNV.

  • Niko Freitag

    Business Development Lead

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