Discover AqualisBraemar LOC Adjusting | May 2021
Dynamic Cables:
Understanding risk from installation to
​​​​​​​operations & maintenance ('O&M')​​

About The Webinar

With an increase in floating wind farms, comes an increasing
deployment of dynamic power cables installed, interconnecting these complex floating arrays. With cable incidents already forming the lion’s share of insurance claims from offshore wind farms, the increasing use of dynamic power cables on floating installations, and the risks attached thereto, warrants similar consideration. 

This webinar seeks to look at where the risks lie at both installation and operational phases and potential mitigative measures at each stage.
What you will learn:

  • The dynamic power cable technology used in floating offshore wind applications​​​​​​​

  • Failure mechanisms associated with the dynamic power cable installation and operations.

  • Possible mitigation and future studies to tackle the critical issues

  • Daniele Caruso


  • Matthew Thurley

    Introduction & Chair

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