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For the first time ActionCoach Team Sage Presents, a FREE Masterclass,
"How to scale your business, by managing a successful team."

About Doug Barra

Doug Barra is a Certified Business Coach who has helped dozens of businesses scale, not just their teams but their WHOLE entire business. He is the founder of ActionCoach Team Sage and has a vast understanding of how to effortless grow a small business. 

With his knowledge around what numbers, and systems you need to have & implement in your business in order to scale, he is able to set businesses up for success within an expedited timeframe.
Doug will be going behind the scenes in this LIVE Masterclass. 

Our ActionCOACH Business Coaching Firm has been serving Greater Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Doral and South Miami since 2006. We have worked with hundreds of businesses to grow their revenues, improve their profitability, streamline their businesses, engage and develop their teams to be successful far beyond what they believed was possible.  

ActionCOACH Team Sage is South Florida’s number 1 Business Coaching Firm, one of the Top 5 ActionCOACH  Business Coaching Firms in North America and Top 20 Worldwide.  

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    How you can ​build a team that listens and performs like rockstars.


    The six-step process to increase your bottom line revenue...You won't believe step 4. ​​​​​​​


    Clarity around your business when it comes to new customers, marketing, and scaling...


    Show up on the webinar LIVE and I'll GIVE you full access to our Business Success Blueprint for FREE once you attend the Masterclass.

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