3 Core Pillars to Build the ​​​​​​​Cash-Generating Business You Want
An exclusive invitation, no-cost 75-minute masterclass
​​​​​​​for new entrepreneurs ready to take your business from $0 to $100K.

You'll walk away with the inside scoop on:

  • The must-have 3 core pillars you need to IMPLEMENT to create a profitable online business so you can travel the world (or work from your dream home).

  • How to attract amazing DREAM clients who pay you top dollar for your expertise.

  • The EXACT change specific to where you are in your business that you need to make to start pulling in consistent revenue. 

  • The exact  P2P $0 to $100K Business framework my clients use to close 4 & 5 figure clients on repeat.

  • Ebony Evaughn

    Creator of Kingdom Coins™ Business Accelerator, an online business strategist to ambitious, faith-walking corporate professionals and first-time entrepreneurs. Since 2015, Ebony Evaughn has helped dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs create, launch and grow profitable, purpose-driven online businesses by monetizing their purpose & expertise. Now she wants to help you do the same and become confident in what God has called you to do, the people he has called you to serve, and accelerate using the exact blueprint that has helped her build a 6-figure business in 3 years.

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