Wellness during travel is more than a spa visit or a yoga retreat. It's all about minimizing anxiety before, during & after travel. It's about protection and preparation through healthy habits, self-care, beauty (yes!), nutrition, confidence and so much more!

About The Webinar

Join this first of a kind webinar where we will be talking about Travel in all dimensions.

We will discover the 3 secrets to health and wellness during travel...AND it IS NOT what you think!

You Can Travel Safely, Transform Your Health, and Look 10 Years Younger Without Expensive Creams, Pills, or Botox 

This One Travel Game-Changer Will Leave You Looking Like You Walked Out of the Spa Even After the Longest, Most Exhausting Flight

The Little-Known Travel Drinking Secret That Will Allow You to Enjoy Your Favorite Adult Beverage Without the Nasty Consequences

This webinar is closed to the public, so be sure to reserve your seat now – space is extremely limited.

  • Edyta Satchell

    Webinar Host

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