Detecting the Facefish Linux Rootkit with Zeek

Keith J. Jones, PhD, recently shared a blog post about "Detecting the Facefish Linux Rootkit with Zeek," with the Zeek community.  In this Webinar Dr. Jones, will walk Zeek Users through implementing this detection algorithm through Zeek’s Spicy protocol analyzers. 

  • Amber Graner

    Webinar Host and Director of Community at Corelight Inc and a member of the Zeek Project's Leadership Team.

  • Keith J. Jones, PH.D.

    Webinar Presenter. Dr. Jones is an internationally industry-recognized expert with over two decades of experience in cyber security, incident response, and computer forensics. His expertise includes software development, innovative prototyping, information security consulting, application security, malware analysis & reverse engineering, software analysis/design and image/video/audio analysis. Dr. Jones holds an Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering undergraduate degrees from Michigan State University. He also earned a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from MSU. Dr. Jones recently completed his Ph.D. in Cyber Operations from Dakota State University in 2019.

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