John Hattie and Cam Brooks: Building a Feedback Culture in Classrooms & Schools

We teach, we give thoughtful feedback to students, but do they use it? What is the best way to manage feedback that will impact learning, but not leave the teacher exhausted?

​​​​​​​John and Cam have studied feedback with students and have findings to share that can impact your classroom quickly. Bring your questions and join us!

  • Michelle Labelle-Fisch

    Classroom and Admin Veteran, Head of School & District Success @ GrokSpot & NextLesson

  • John Hattie

    Author of the Visual Learning series and The Distance Learning Playbook series, Laureate Professor @ Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne

  • Cameron Brooks

    Research Fellow, School of Education, University of Queensland, author of numerous articles on feedback

  • Erin Tran

    Classroom Veteran, Head of Product @ GrokSpot & NextLesson

  • Dion Lim

    CEO of GrokSpot & NextLesson

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