"Secrets of a Six Figure Photographer"

  • Why Shoot Real Estate?​​​​​​​

    • Why I think real estate photography is currently the single best opportunity in the photography industry

    • How you can learn to shoot real estate and take advantage of this opportunity

  • How to Get Clients

    • My simple tactic for getting paying clients TODAY (I’ll even demonstrate it for you so you can see exactly how it’s done) 

    • How to go from zero to 6-figure as a Real Estate Photographer (and beyond)

  • Common Mistakes to Avoid

    • Common pitfalls that keep photographers from reaching their true earning potential

    • Why clients don’t care if you’re an experienced photographer (and what they really look for instead)

  • Scale and Automate Your Business

    • How I’ve consistently doubled my revenue, year over year (for the last 4 years)

    • How to automate your business, so you do less work (and earn more)


  • Eli Jones

    Webinar Host

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