How to Stay Calm, Set Limits and Get Kids to Behave

About The Webinar

When kids misbehave or act out, yelling can sometimes feel like a very natural reaction. Research shows that not only is yelling at kids ineffective, but it can even have detrimental long-term effects on them. Despite our best intentions, calm parenting can sometimes be a real challenge to sustain.

Featuring peaceful parenting expert Sarah Rosensweet and fatherhood expert Brian Russell, this free webinar offered in partnership with Dove Men+Care will help dads stay calm and get kids to behave.

  • Learn strategies to stay calm when kids misbehave

  • Learn how to set positive limits for children to follow

  • Learn to communicate clearly with children

  • Get kids to listen and see them become happier

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    Webinar Host

  • Sarah Rosensweet

    Peaceful Parenting Expert

  • Brian Russell

    Fatherhood Expert

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