Improving Memory & Brain Health

Free Webinar

Improve Memory and Brain Health
June 30, 2022
6:00 - 7:30 PM CDT

About the Webinar

Are you worred about memory problems or cognitive decline for you or a loved one?  Memory problems and cognitive decline can lead to distress, health problems and decrease the quality of life for an individual and their family.

Do you know the latest scientific evidence and proven strategies to  prevent or reverse memory issues ?  Come learn how to improve brain health with simple lifestyle changes and strategies from 2 board-certified lifestyle medicine physicians who have helped their patients overcome their health challenges in a healthy sustainable way.

Register to attend live or get the replay to watch later.  Share this link with your family and friends so that everyone can learn to take charge of their health and life back.

  • Understand how memory loss occurs

    Learn about the factors that affect memory during your lifetime

  • Connect how memory and cognition is tied to health and lifestyle

    Understand how  certain health conditions such as heart disease can affect memory and cognition

  • Learn Strategies to Improve Memory and Cognition

    Utiliize the power of lifestyle changes to improve memory and brain health

  • Dr. Jennie Hsu

    Lifestyle, Internal and Obesity Medicine Physician with 22 years of clinical experience, Health, Fitness and Wellness Transformational Coach, Educator, Scientist

  • Dr. Karen Wiarda

    Cardiologist, Lifestyle & Obesity Medicine Physician with 11 years of clinical experience, Educator, Scientist

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