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​​​​​​​What You Need To Know About The Latest Updates To The MB-320 Manufacturing Exam

  • Key Updates
    Understand the fundamental changes to the MB-320 Manufacturing exam introduced on October 16th 2020.

  • New Modules

    We'll cover all the key changes as well as latest modules introduced to the exam and the skills they're designed to test.
    ​​​​​​​Including split of production into the three main areas, and the new test module Master Planning. 

  • How To Prepare For The MB-320 Manufacturing exam

    Over the years our senior instructor Andreas Luszczak, MCT, has helped hundreds of students prepare to take the various manufacturing exams (in D365FO and AX), he'll offer hints and tips to help you prepare to pass.

  • Dr. Andreas Luszczak, MCT

    Webinar Host

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