Establishing Guardianship (Guardian Ad Litem Certification)

About the Course

This course has been approved for Minimum Continuing Legal Education credit by the State Bar of Texas Committee on MCLE in the amount of four (4) credit hours, of which one (1) credit hour will apply to legal ethics/professional responsibility credit. MCLE Course #174169475

This course meets the training requirements for certification to handle guardianship matters in the state courts of Texas. 

Date and Time: Monday, September 19, noon to 4pm CT   
Replay: Registered attendees who miss the live presentation will have access to the replay for 72 hours and may receive CLE credit for watching the replay.  
Cost: $85 


  • The Law

    A review of state statutory authority for the creation of guardianships, the attorney certification requirement, relevant caselaw and federal law under the Americans with Disabilities Act as it relates to guardianship.

  • Assessing Need for Guardianship

    Discussion of legal incapacity in relation to aging and disability, with particular focus on implicit bias that may be held by family, attorneys, and judicial system.  Legal and practical options for alternatives to guardianship are reviewed.  The role of community and other support services is also discussed.

  • Crafting an Appropriate Guardianship

    Discussion of total versus partial guardianship, consideration of specific decision making powers, and any limitations on a guardians authority.  A review of persons who can act as guardian and how to choose the right person.  A review of the attorneys’ ethical responsibilities to client, wards, and the legally imposed duties on an attorney ad litem or attorney for a guardianship.

  • Pamela Parker

    Presented by Parker Counsel Legal Services

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