​​​​​​​Identifying Your Ideal
​​​​​​​Upset Training Solution

About This Event
The complexities of developing the ideal combination of training resources and training platforms to optimize your Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) are often overwhelming or seemingly 'obvious'. In either case, this webinar clarifies how to investigate and indentify your ideal upset training solution to meet both individual and flight department needs. Here's what to expect at today's 1.5-hour event:

  • Insights on Your Upset Training Decision
    Gain insights from three decades of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) industry leadership

  • Optimized Use of Various Platforms
    Drilldown on the optimized contribution of various academic, on-aircraft, simulator, and integrated options 

  • Every Pilot In Control Solution Standard

    EPIC-S2 frames the elements that must be maximized in any UPRT solution to assure risk mitigation

  • Webinar-only Training Benefits Today!

    Get direct links to discounted training options only available to live webinar attendees

  • Paul BJ Ransbury

    Host and CEO

  • Randall Brooks, VP Training


  • Lee Hall, Director of Flight Ops


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