About This Workshop Series:

Whether you are just getting started or are an established business, solid fundamentals are crucial to success. Jo​​​in us as  Shopify Los Angeles  joins CPLC Prestamos WBC​​​​​​​  for an exclusive series of free workshops designed to shine a spolight on the best practices of business. 

From the benefits of an omnichannel business model and how to ensure proper branding to identifying your customers and how to engage them, these 60 minute sessions will have valuable tips and best practices for everyone.
We will even have some time for Q&A so you can ask all your burning questions. So roll up your sleeves, sign up today  and get ready to learn!
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  • 7/14 - Introduction to Shopify

    What is Shopify? How does selling online work? What is omnichannel? What features are available? How can Shopify help you grow your business? What about point of sale? In this workshop, we will cover the history of Shopify, how it works to help businesses sell and scale as well as get an understanding of the costs involved. It is an essential class for anyone interested in business.

  • 7/21 - From Launch to First Sale 

    Looking forward to making your very first sale? This workshop will help you navigate new spaces while providing essential brand scaling info. Learn more with the following: Introduction to the Shopify platform, How to Sell on Shopify, E-Commerce Strategy Basics, Finding Your Ideal Customer and Customer Acquisition. Sign up today and let Shopify catapult your online store.

  • 8/11 - Finding and Selling Your Product

    Ideating products, arriving at the idea of what to sell and how you’ll distribute them can be a bit challenging. For attendees of this workshop, we got you covered in the following areas: Acquiring Your Product, Choosing Sales Channels, Merchandising and Inventory, Shipping and Fulfillment. Join us by signing up today and learn how to get the product you were made to sell. 

  • 8/25 - Finding Your Ideal Customer

    Identifying your customer base and how they connect with your brand is a lesson in relationship building. Our workshop examines this by breaking down the marketing lessons with the following: What is a Marketing Funnel, Who your Customers are, Why Customers Shop and How To Create Customer Influence. Sign up for this in depth workshop and learn how Marketing Funnels connect to your brand strategy. 

  • 9/8 - Marketing Fundamentals 

    The Customer lifecycle is an aspect of marketing we care deeply about. It determines how well your brand will be received by new audiences and those to come. In this workshop you’ll learn about: The Marketing Funnel, Customer Acquisition, Conversion Optimization and Customer Retention. Sign up today and explore all the important ways to secure customers to scale. 

  • Shopify LA

    Shopify LA serves entrepreneurs by offering free 1:1 business coaching with their Support Advisors where they can answer any inquiries you may have regarding ecommerce or entrepreneurship. They also specialize in inspiring and empowering the community to start their online business through the use of free business training and online workshops. Learn more at

  • CPLC Prestamos WBC

    At CPLC Prestamos WBC we realize that operating a successful business is a journey, and we are committed to being part of your journey every step of the way. ​ We understand that no two businesses or entrepreneurs are alike, that is why we take a personalized approach to help ensure that you receive the help that is custom-tailored to address and meet your needs​ We accomplish that through a variety of ways, including financial literacy, training, and one on one business consulting. ​

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