Uncover the book you were born to write"

Learn all about the writer’s journey, from start to finish, and what being a successful best sellers really looks like. 

Find your voice and vision for your book. 

Get clear about writing a book, what it takes, and finally write that book you were born to write.

  • Maureen Ryan-Blake

    Founder The Power of the Tribe

  • Rebecca Hall Gruyter

    Global Influencer, #1 International Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author and Compiler, Publisher, Empowering Leader and Radio Show Host. CEO of RHG Media Productions which includes the RHG TV Network and Publishing Owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice and the Creator of the Speaker Talent Search. She helps authors be powerfully positioned and the star of their best-selling campaign to reach as many people as possible around the world. Today, she wants you to have impact! Be Seen, Heard and SHINE!

  • Marlene Elizabeth

    Like you, Certified Money Coach® Marlene Elizabeth has heard the phrase financial security defined in numerous ways over the years. Is it a magic number you reach? Is it a lifestyle you live? Is it power and influence? Is it being debt-free… finally? Is it meant for only a chosen few? Those with a knack for numbers, a college degree, born from wealthy parents, or just plain “lucky”? Or is there a different story? As a single Mom and heart-centered leader who’s risen from financial hardship to becoming a successful mamapreneur, Marlene’s view is radically different. Her #1 International Bestselling book MONEYWINGS™ is a Spirit-filled love-note full of inspiration for women to courageously embrace financial well-being. Deeply motivated to be a financial role-model for her daughter, Marlene coined the term moneywings™ when her child was two to describe the feminine power to beautifully unfold their financial potential. Marlene believes that when you realize your freedom to soar, you can’t help but unfold your own beautiful moneywings™ one brave feather at a time. Her deeply caring, strategic, spiritual and innovative approach creates a safe-harbor for women to connect, learn and grow. Through her private 1 x 1 online coaching, workshops, and books, Marlene tenderly empowers women to answer the call to transform their relationship to money. Get started today with a FREE MONEY TYPE QUIZ at www.UnfoldMoneyWings.com https://bit.ly/moneywingsfreegift

  • Dr. Kimberly Schehrer

    Dr. Kimberly Schehrer is a Teen Breakthrough Expert and founder of Academy for Independence. Kimberly has over 20 years of experience working with parents and teens as a Teen Breakthrough Expert Dr. Kimberly has written her own book, "Unstoppable Teens: The Parent and Teen Guide to Teen Empowerment, Fulfillment and Achievement" which is now available on Amazon.

  • Maria Tomas Keegan

    As a Certified Career & Life Coach, specializing in transition, María Tomás-Keegan helps women turn their upside-down world right-side up again. In the aftermath of significant life events, such as a career upheaval, loss of a loved one, caregiving, or divorce, your life has taken a profound turn. And, many women wonder, Who am I now that things have changed? As a transition expert, award-winning author and producer & host of an international podcast, María is passionate about sharing effective strategies and practical approaches to adapt to life’s inevitable ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and inside-outs. She helps her clients re-imagine life so they can design the next chapter honoring their values, vision, and voice.

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