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How To Think Like A Winning Trader

Join Austin & Tom as they discuss how winning traders think and operate in today's markets. Tom is the newest ASFX success story, check out the video below to hear how he used the same systems that are taught at ASFX to quit his 9-5 job!

  • Austin Silver

    Webinar Host

  • Tom Jackson

    Webinar Host

  • The Profile Of A Winning Trader
    Break down how winners do what they do, and why they do it, to really get inside the mind of a successful trader.

  • Sharing Risk Management Strategies 
    If you're trying to scale up your capital, maybe even get funded by a prop firm, you're going to love the solid risk management approach we share.

  • Real Tactics You Can Use
    We made sure this presentation is jam packed with realistic tactics and tools that you start using in your trading right away.

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