People, Process and Technology Tips to Maximize Efficiency in Remote Teams

Webinar recording from 06/18/2020

COVID-19 has forced firms world-wide to transition into remote working environments. The result? Many accountants and bookkeepers still struggling to adjust to their new virtual environments while continuing to meet the critical needs of their clients.

In this session, we will walk through how focusing on the people, processes, and technology of your firm will allow you to sustain productivity, as well as future-proof your firm in a new digital economy. We'll discuss the methods, tactics, and technologies that you can implement within your own firm to assist in the transition of going virtual full or part-time.

Learning Objectives:
+ Identifying the key areas of your business to focus your time and resources + How to manage people and business changes within a remote environment + How to setup standardized systems and communication channels to maximize productivity
​​​​​​​+ Discovering the technology most effective for remote teams and clients

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