Exclusive Event

What Makes a Winning Crowdfunding Strategy for
Investors and Private Companies Raising Capital?

Business & Tech Editor Steve Loader interviews Shari Noonan, CEO & Founder and Lee Saba, CTO & Head of Market Structure from award-winning fintech company Rialto Markets on the growth of private equity crowdfunding and secondary trading for private companies.

 The group will also debate the recent media coverage of the JOBS Act 4.0 following the US Senate's announcement last week, and its potential impact on the world of crowdfunding and private securities.

Tuesday 12th April 2022 @ 1.00 PM (EST)

In the second of our series of interviews, leading business, tech, and investment editor Steve Loader exclusively interviews pioneering Fintech founders Shari Noonan, CEO and Lee Saba, CTO and Head of Market Structure from Rialto Markets, on the opportunities that are now transforming the private security secondary trading market and crowdfunding for high growth private companies.
The global crowdfunding exploded from $8.61 billion in 2020 to $113.52 billion last year – a 1,021% increase, according to Pitchbook data, while the private securities market was valued at $7 trillion in 2021 and forecast to grow to $30 trillion in 2030*.
Rialto Markets will answer questions on how the growth of Fintech solutions, such as the emergence of a regulated Alternative Trading System (ATS) for trading private securities in the secondary market, can help investors unlock the opportunity to exit an investment much earlier with greater flexibility, and potentially provide wider access to trading of shares in the private securities market.
There are 27 million private companies in the US alone, but less than 1% are currently traded on a secondary market. You will learn how this could change to open potential opportunities for investors so they can more quickly realize any value on exciting, high-growth private company investments.
There will also be a chance to hear about some of the exciting private companies that Rialto Markets are working with, both in capital raising and secondary trading, through its regulated Alternative Trading System (ATS).

  • Find out how Rialto Markets aims to make Private Securities accessible for investors with its regulated crowdfunding infrastructure and secondary market alternative trading platform.

  • According to Forbes, the private equity market is forecast to grow from $7 trillion in 2021 to $30 trillion by 2030.

  • Find out how Rialto Markets is a 'go-to' fully regulated broker-dealer covering all 50 US states, empowering private companies to raise money through our expertise in crowdfunding and institutional investment and investors to access the returns of their investments with much greater flexibility.

  • Rialto Markets is already close to raising $250m in investments for 23 growth-stage private companies, using Reg CF, Reg A+ and Reg D with 100,000+ investors in our community at launch, and has already signed contracts exceeding $1bn since the start of this year.

  • Research from Technavio predicts the crowdfunding market to grow at a CAGR of 15% between 2020 and 2025, with total growth of nearly $200bn in that time frame.

  • Learn how Rialto Markets' regulated secondary market alternative trading system (ATS) aims to provide wider access to monetizing shares in growth-stage private companies.

  • Discover how Rialto Markets' unique infrastructure and technology enables direct private capital raises and investments.

  • Rialto Markets has an experienced team who helped build some of the digital infrastructure for Wall Street, averaging 25 years working in high-profile firms such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Citadel.

  • Steve Loader

    Leading Tech, Business and Investment Editor and Webinar Host

  • Shari Noonan

    CEO and Co-Founder at Rialto Markets

  • Lee Saba

    CTO & Head of Market Structure at Rialto Markets

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