Everything you need to know about investing in Brisbane and South East Queensland 

  • A tour of the region and it's key pockets

    Learn what makes all of the individual areas tick and what makes them so different to invest in.

  • History of capital growth in City Vs Suburbs

    Learn how the historical performance of the inner city suburbs has been different from most of the outer pockets and so-called hotspots.

  • Spotlight on Ipswich, Moreton Bay & Logan

    Why are these locations so popular with investors and what do interstate investors need to know about these markets?

  • Who's buying and what's in store for the market?

    We'll look at who's currently active in the market, whether investment is on the rise as well as what the future of the local property market looks like.

  • Mike Mortlock

    Webinar Host

  • Melinda Jennison

    Webinar Host

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