What You Ought to Know About Living Trusts
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Attorney Jason C. Johnson will explain, in simple terms, how proper planning can benefit your family. He is an experienced estate planning and elder law attorney focused on preparing estate plans for Maryland residents​​​​​​​ — don’t miss this highly informative webinar!

In This Webinar, You'll Learn...

  • How a trust may transfer your assets to your family quickly, without the cost or delay of probate and taxes.

  • How to help ensure your assets are managed as you desire, in the event you become ill, disabled or incapacitated.

  • How to protect your assets & your children’s inheritance — to try to avoid potential lawsuits & creditors.

  • How to select an estate planning professional you can trust — to help ensure your estate is in order.

  • And lots more!

  • Jason C. Johnson, Attorney

    Annapolis, MD

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