Company Culture: a new look for the Board, ExCom and Investors

“I get your strategy. Now tell me how your culture is going to deliver it. Also, how that culture shapes the Social in your ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) agenda.”

Progressively, more and more investors and shareholders expect culture to be more than just a word in the vocabulary or a set of platitudes. Whilst the likes of Google, Apple or others are often naively highlighted, they are not the ultimate goal for a cut and paste. Most people today would agree with that.

The instruments for culture change, which were created many years ago in a more linear and predictable environment, are completely useless today. There is no such a thing as the 5 steps, or the 15 steps, or the sequential cascading of workshops that will solve ‘culture’. The track record of these approaches, in general, is not great. This webinar will explain how to orchestrate culture change successfully and also share how this has been achieved in many cases, and how it can be achieved for your company.


  • Leandro Herrero

    Webinar Host

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