Free Webinar

Estate Planning IS Family Succession Planning

Andrew Watson of North Shore Planning Group, invites you to come learn about...

  • The advantages and disadvantages of Wills and Living Trusts.

  • How Probate Court works and why you may want to avoid it for your family.

  • How Powers of Attorney work and don’t work. (Some may not be valid if you are disabled or pass away.)

  • Protecting your heirs’ inheritance from lawsuits, divorce and spend-thrifts.

  • Why putting property in your children’s names may be a mistake.

  • How the new SECURE Act affects your trust and/or retirement accounts.

  • Best Practices for naming retirement account and Life Insurance beneficiaries.

  • Learn our "90 in 90 FORMula" where we can get 90% of your eStatePlan™ Portfolio completed in 90 minutes or less

  • Andrew Watson

    Owner I North Shore Planning Group

  • Lisa Camacho

    Estate Planning Specialist | ePIC Services Company

  • Ciara Lister, ESQ.

    Network Attorney | ePIC Services Company

  • Jennifer Surmacz

    Network Attorney | ePIC Services Company

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