Dental MBA Business Series Upcoming Events:

  • Every Session Begins with 15 mins of "Money Matters" with Bob Affleck and 15 mins of "Financial Literacy" with Maryann Czarnota

  • June 15th "The New Way to Build The Practice of Your Dreams" with Dr. Bryan Laskin

    • Driving new patients through efficient use of new technology
    • Increase profitability through technology
    • How to build a practice that is massively successful even after hanging up the handpiece
  • June 29th "Practice Made Simple: Find The Money, Get The Money, Keep The Money Ethically" with Gary Kadi

    Learning Objectives: 
    Find the Money : Uncover $ in plain sight   
    There is a Gold mine sitting in your practice-learn the 3 areas. 

    Get the Money : Mobilize your team utilizing a customized, proven system installed in over 6000 practices. Train your team to know what to do- and how to do it...consistently.

    Keep the Money : Have you ever notice that your expenses rise to meet your new level of income? According to an Ada study since 2001 dentist income is flat, the average age of retirement has extended 7 years and only 4% of dentists retire financially free.–No matter where you are starting from you can change this. Ethically-zero selling, no added marketing dollars!

  • Bob Affleck

    Webinar Host

  • Bryan Laskin

    Webinar Host

  • Gary Kadi

    Webinar Host

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