The 2021 RECON Goals Lab

About The Webinar

2020 was hard, but 2021 doesn't have to be! In this goal-setting workshop, we'll start with your plans for the next year, and drill them down into manageable tasks. After this one-hour session, you'll be able to ensure that the goals you set for 2021 have staying power, and set yourself up for success!

  • SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS. Learn what makes goals "sticky", why that matters, and how to verbalize your intentions in a way that you can measure success. 

  • START WITH THE END IN MIND. We'll begin with the big picture—Where do YOU want to be next year? As we go along, we'll drill deeper and deeper into a plan to actually get you there. 

  • PUT THE PLAN INTO ACTION. It's not just important that you have a plan for success; it's also important that you know how to get there. Together, we'll set a plan that actually gets you to the end game.

  • Jordana Megonigal

    Host | CEO, The RECON Network

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