New Ways to Speed Up Zeek Script Execution​​​​​​​

Join Vern Paxson, Founder of Zeek,  as he goes over his latest work around compiling-scripts-to-C++.  Zeek’s performance depends in part on how quickly the system executes the user’s scripts, as well as the many predefined scripts Zeek makes available. To date, this execution has used a high-level interpreter, which imposes considerable overhead.  This talk will sketch two new experimental features for executing scripts much more quickly: compiling them to a low-level form (“ZAM”), and directly to C++. 
  • Amber Graner

    Zeek Webinar Host, Director of Community at Corelight Inc. and a member of the Zeek Project Leadership Team (LT).

  • Vern Paxson

    Webinar Host, Zeek co-founder, member of the Zeek Leadership Team, co-founder and Chief Scientist at Corelight, and Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley.

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