How To Get Clients In 30 Days and Make 6-Figure Passive Income From Home

About The Webinar

This is the ultimate 'On-Demand System' to generate 6-figure passive income.
This is the perfect business model for 2021. It carries very low overhead costs, requires no work experience and technical skills... The system can be run in your spare time and from anywhere in the world! 

Dixita Galiyal is an author, digital marketer, business coach and a 5-figure online entrepreneur, living in Mumbai, India. She's about to hit 6-figure in revenue with her online business in the coming months! 

She has helped individuals (her students) and small-scale businesses to grow and scale their revenue with just online marketing and sales funnels. But, it wasn't easy for her from the beginning.

​​​​​​​In this Free Masterclass, you'll learn from Dixita how she started her successful 5-figure online business and she'll show you how you too can start yours from the comfort of your home...  

  • Exclusive No-Cost Training Masterclass for Entrepreneurs - Live a lifestyle of financial freedom in times like these, where getting laid-off is very common! It's sad, but it's the truth...

  • Online Business is the way - Every individual in a 9-5 job wishes to be an entrepreneur some day, and every entrepreneur wishes to have his successful business that can take care of him.

  • In this webinar, you'll discover - Huge Commissions 
    Learn how to easily make $1,000 per day by promoting & marketing high-ticket affiliate products. 

  • In this webinar, you'll discover - #1 Business Model & Funnel System
    Follow and implement the exact same strategies and hacks Dixita uses for her business to generate $13,000 in revenue every month!  

  • In this webinar, you'll discover - Simple 3-Step Method
    Dixita's 3-step method is tested and easy to understand, so that you too can start making passive income over & over again...

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