Expand Your Top Line Sales Revenue In 3 Months.. Guaranteed!
Helping Established Businesses Accelerate Their Revenue by 21.5% or More

What I’ll cover in this event is:

  • Market strategy planning to understand what you business metrics are telling you.

  • The TOP 5 most important reasons customers will by your product or service.

  • Who is your client? The importance of understanding the who, what, when, where & why of your clientele.

  • The Sales Strategy Blueprint: Designing a sales process or playbook to maximize the productivity cycles of your business.

  • Why 1-on-1 Biz Coaching sessions are necessary to keep you on track. We Empower, you Accelerate, & Achieve.

  • Lisa Morgan Mosley

    Founder and CEO of 212 Business Coaching Services, also a seasoned business leader, author and motivational speaker with more than 25 years of experience enhancing Fortune 500 corporate performance.

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