Help owners say "Yes!" to treatment plans...and pay for them

Tuesday 1 December, 7:30pm

About the presentation

Perhaps one of the biggest frustrations for clinicians is when clients say no to recommended treatment plans. Whilst you may think that cost is the reason, it rarely is.

The problem is that without a clear consult structure framing treatment plans through a personalised approach, cost may the only thing clients remember. Without a clear understanding of context and prognosis, owners will find it difficult to approve further investigations; where a diagnosis is unexpected, clients often need further information and time before they can make a decision.
In this session you’ll learn practical tips for discussing treatment plans confidently and consistently, both in a clinical and financial context. We’ll explore how to overcome common perceived barriers and help your team discuss appropriate payment options in order to support clients in providing the very best care for their pets.
Using techniques shaped by each of these approaches you’ll be able to help more clients say yes to recommended treatment plans, and support owners in paying for them.
Best for pet, best for owner, best for practice.

  • Dr Alison Lambert

    Guest Speaker - Founder of OnSwitch UK

  • Dr Karien Brink

    Webinar Host

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